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AmplifiedAg is the parent company that offers full-service support to Vertical Roots, Tiger Corner Farms, and Boxcar Central. We believe that everyone should have access to healthy produce. We believe we can make a difference. Vertical Roots is our hydroponic farming operation that services local restaurants, grocery store chains, and multiple local schools and universities. Tiger Corner Farms manufactures our hydroponic container farms. They’re dedicated to building high quality, efficient indoor farms–creating opportunities for farmers. Boxcar Central is our technology company that controls, integrates, automates, and monitors all aspects of the farming environment, from seed to sale.


Buffalo Agency unites customers and brands through innovation, passion and tenacity as a team. Content studio. Integrated marketing agency. Public relations firm. They're called a lot of things. They prefer just Buffalo Agency. Quite simply, they create, celebrate and share stories that amplify all the positive experiences the world of golf delivers for professionals, players, fanatics, the casual fan, their friends and family. Their tone is always inclusive, friendly and fun. The more, the merrier. Kindness, clarity and courage are the cornerstones of the Buffalo Experience. They're the perfect blend of old skool and new, and we've built a team that delivers. 




Rate Reset enables a consumer to reset their loan without the cost and hassle of refinancing, including no credit check, no appraisal, no closing cost….no kidding. The reason a financial institution can offer Rate Reset is because Rate Reset eliminates back-office cost and hassle associated with refinancing. The savings are passed on to the consumer.


Zentility is an energy technology platform that focuses on intuitive design intended to streamline and simplify energy procurement. 

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STASH is transforming the self-storage business by offering individuals, families and businesses a new way to store small and large items. STASH provides a stress-free, quick and efficient way for you to store and collect your items. They come to your location and drop off free STASH boxes for you to use on the day and time you request and then will come back and pick them up on the day and time you request (maybe it’s the same day, maybe it’s a different day). They then organize, barcode, photograph and store your items in a climate-controlled storage facility.

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